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I create minimal and responsive web sites in order to promote the best possible experience for the user, distraction-free. I hand code each website to avoid unecessary commands, syntax, weight, and to provide the user with optimal browsing ease; this simplification amplifies the content beneath.

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Responsive Design

I specialize in designing responsive web sites that are able to respond to any sort of device encountered, from iPhones and Android devices past large 1080p and 4k screens. A responsive web site optimizes the user experience for that particular device while not harming the user experience on another device, keeping the content you need just at the end of your fingertips.

PHP, JavaScript, & Analytics

Underneath the clean coat of paint lies multiple systems to help you connect with your visitors; code, scripts, and exterior services included to help facilitate this connection and improve interest include: XHTML, CSS3, PHP Mail forms, custom Twitter feeds, Google Maps API v3, and Google Analytics.

Premier Mechanical, Inc.

Interning at Premier Mechanical gave me the opportunity to hand-code the Chicago-area mechanical contractor's website and physical brochure in quest to improve its user interface and user experience.

Notable accomplishments of Premier Mechanical's improved website include: Responsive Design, PHP Mail Forms, Google Maps API, and Google Analytics. As part of designing Premier Mechanical's website I also helped manipulate the brand image to reflect the mechanical contractor's ambitious growth.

KV Creations

Ken and Vicki, of KV Creations, have worked in midwestern constuction for a generation, gaining a breadth of woodworking knowledge in the process. Once an old barn is found and carefully deconstructed it is disinfected, washed, and then stockpiled to dry for future use.

This website focused on displaying the owners' content in galleries while providing quick and easy way to reach out to the contractor.

Economic & Automotive Journalism

      I began writing under the Jalopnik subdomain OppositeLock, and moved on to starting my own blog, Formula Freak to cover Formula 1. Topics range from motorsport to the Economics of the automotive industry, taking knowledge from my formal education of Economics and my obsessive admiration for Formula 1 and its technologies.

      Formula Freak is the bastard love child of the constant changes in Formula 1 and the need to comment and analyze those changes. Our goal is to provide a new exciting take on F1, whatever that may turn into, by utilizing the attitude, style, and commitment we have all grown to love from Jalopnik.

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